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Birthdays, Farewells, and Other Personal Celebrations

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a small family celebration, a party host is the person who ensures that you can enjoy the celebration without any worries. If you want more than just sitting at the table during a party and want to have a meaningful and fun time, I can help you with that..

Through my experience, I have hosted parties ranging from 20th birthdays to 80th birthdays, so I know that the party atmosphere is not age-dependent.

Gimtadienio švenčių vedėjas

For your personal celebration, I can offer a diverse program tailored to your vision, guest expectations, and organize a partial or full evening program.

I host:

  • Birthday (or anniversary) parties

  • Family gatherings

  • Personal family celebrations (christenings, renewal of wedding vows)

  • High school graduation parties

  • Class reunion parties

  • Family reunions

The program for personal celebrations always depends on your expectations, so I always listen to your desires and together we plan the essential highlights of the celebration, leaving room for improvisation.

I can offer you a full or partial evening program where I:

  • Take care of the flow of the evening, engagement, and attention to the guests

  • Conduct a fun quiz game about the celebration's honoree

  • Organize an interactive music game that engages both young and older participants

  • Make sure everyone at the party gets up and moves

  • If needed, recommend additional services (photographer, caricaturist, performer, etc.) Fulfill other expectations you may have

Get in touch, let's discuss the details, expectations of your event, and together we will create an unforgettable celebration!

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