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Edvinas Kasulaitis.jpg

SKL director Edvinas Kasulaitis

We have been working with Andrius for several years. We invite him to host sports events, meetings, and various celebrations. We have found that he is a professional in his field, so all events run smoothly, interestingly, and with a lively atmosphere, leaving participants full of impressions.

The Capital Basketball League recommends Andrius!

Natalija Juralevic.jpg

Biržų duona CMO Natalija Kurganovė

Andrius is a very helpful and friendly event host. He is responsible and honest. He is always full of creative ideas that he implements properly. He feels comfortable on stage, interprets perfectly, and knows how to engage the audience.

Andrius Suminas.jpeg

Swedbank head of private banking Andrius Šuminas

Andrius is cheerful, full of energy, witty, and capable of communicating with everyone, everywhere, and at all times. His program includes new games and tried-and-true attractions that appeal to participants of all ages. What's even more exciting is that his team includes an excellent DJ, so besides enjoying entertaining events, it's also an opportunity to have a great time on the dance floor.

"Rožinis grožio kąsnelis" organisator Agnė Zuokienė

We thank Andrius Pieslikas for contributing to the success of the "Pink Beauty Touch" event! Thank you.


ALD Automotive business analyst Rūta Rozalytė

The event was conducted in English, the host was "unreal," and the trivia questions were witty and highly interesting, enriching the Christmas party and bringing colleagues together into cohesive teams... We recommend it to everyone; it's truly a great idea for an evening with the company, for those who enjoy stimulating their gray cells :)

Aiste Danauskaitė.jpg

"Vertas" head of buisnes centre Aistė Danauskaitė

We sincerely thank Andrius Pieslikas for his lively and enthusiastic hosting at the VERTAS business center event - we were extremely satisfied. We wish him continued success and a great passion for his future endeavors as an event host!


UAB „PAREXEL International“, Eglė Petrauskaitė

Thanks to Andrius, the company's Christmas party was enjoyable and seamless. Everyone was satisfied and delighted with the intellectual challenges that spiced up the festive evening.

Vaida Sindaravičiūtė.jpg

„“ CMO Vaida Sindaravičiūtė

Funny, not short of wit, responsible, unafraid to improvise, bursting with enthusiasm, always introducing new games to liven up the event - these are the best qualities of an event host. And that's exactly what Andrius is!


Rūta Juodkūnaitienė

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the excellent event, the healthy humor intertwined with interesting intellectual elements!

Inga ir Marius.jpg

Inga ir Marius

We thank you for expertly hosting our wedding. It was very elegant, smooth, and well-balanced, suitable for both young and older attendees – we were all very satisfied. We are thrilled that since our first meeting, we had no concerns about the wedding reception scenario – the elegance and communication style of the host left no doubt that we wouldn't have to participate in vulgar games during our celebration. The entire event program was well-organized and engaging – it was a great pleasure for us and our guests. We sincerely thank you and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate.

Sarunas ir Melita.jpg

Melita ir Šarūnas

Andrius, Andrius! Our amazing host! We wanted to thank you for expertly hosting our wedding reception! You exceeded our expectations and proved that 30 years of experience is not necessary to perform your job professionally! You provided valuable advice and ideas even before the celebration, and during the event, you quickly adapted to the audience. You were witty but sensitive, organized yet spontaneous! You made the evening even more special and unforgettable :) We highly recommend you as a host who is not tired of what he does, but rather lives for it! Thank you!

Agnė ir Stepas.jpg

Agnė ir Stepas

A big THANK YOU to the best host who made our celebration even more memorable! Only the best feedback - a professional and knowledgeable event host who is energetic and enthusiastic. Thank you once again, Andrius! :)

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