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Trivia battles (quiz competitions, brain battles, quiz leagues - whatever you call them) are my forte as an event host. It is a fun and intellectual activity suitable for both companies and small teams or personal celebrations.

Based on your needs, I will organize a trivia battle around a chosen theme, incorporate music-related questions, sensory activities, or any other popular team-building activities.

Protų mūšių vedėjas

I am not only a trivia battle host but also the creator and preparer of questions since 2008. I continuously develop questions, fact-check, and find ways to present them in an engaging and intellectual manner. In the same year, I started and continue to organize weekly trivia battle tournaments. You can currently find me (and participate) every Tuesday at the "Stars & Legends" sports bar in Vilnius. Register your team and get a firsthand experience of this wonderful and brain-teasing game. Registration >

I organize and host internal company trivia battle tournaments (monthly or weekly) that not only bring teams together but also provide space for informal communication and enjoyable competition.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been hosting and organizing online trivia battles with the PROTAI team, ensuring the most professional service.

Including a trivia battle in your corporate event or personal celebration adds a unique element. I always recommend dedicating one round to the subject to get better acquainted with it (questions about the company, team, or the hero of the personal celebration). First and foremost, I invite you to have a conversation - we will discuss your expectations and desires.

If you also want to organize an engaging and fun game for your company or personal celebration, contact me, and I will assist you >

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