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Public and Official Events: City Festivals, Club Openings, or Product Launch Host

Large audience events are my favorites. I am the event host who enjoys the opportunity to bring together and ignite the celebration for a large audience.

I can take care not only of creating a good mood but also of coordinating the event, involving people in activities. My certified facilitator skills and constant improvisation training help ensure that even a 500+ audience feels the festive atmosphere, ease, and when necessary, creates a sense of formality and professionalism.

Oficialaus renginio vedėjas

During official or large-scale events, I always ensure that the program is fully delivered, and the speech is smooth and clear.

By entrusting your important event to me, you can rest assured that the participants or guests will be informed, entertained, and introduced to relevant information, and undoubtedly, the event will be accompanied by applause and a good atmosphere.

I am the host who always double-checks the correct pronunciation of guests' or participants' names, inquires about the language and culture of foreign guests (if there are any), and pays attention to those who are important at the event. Your event participants or sponsors will be impressed by the professionalism and smooth flow of the event!

I can host official or fun public events in both Lithuanian and English, both in Lithuania and in other European countries (if desired).

My experience includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • Village (cities) festival evening program host services

  • Conference host or booth host services

  • Organization and hosting of new product or store launches

  • Exhibition opening ceremonies

  • Charity event hosting services

I am accustomed to working with event management companies, following a script or creating one from scratch with the client. I can also provide advice on lighting, sound system ordering, and organizing additional services for the event.

Are you planning or organizing a public event? Let's discuss your needs - it may be an event where we can create an unforgettable impression together. Get in touch with me >

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