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Renginių vedėjo Andriaus Piesliko internetinė svetainė - paslaugų pristatymas
Renginių vedėjas Andrius Pieslikas.


I am event host Andrius Pieslikas. I have been officially involved in the entertainment industry since 2008, when I started hosting trivia battles, but I have been the voice of events since my school days.

I am constantly among people and enjoy sincere communication and genuine emotions.

I am interested in the world, I raise two sons, I read, play beach volleyball, travel extensively, and enjoy life. I apply the experience I have gained in my professional field.

I host events in a way that is enjoyable for you, comfortable for the guests, and leaves a lasting impression.

I have hosted a multitude of different types of events: personal celebrations (weddings, birthdays), team-building games for companies, corporate summer events, sports events, and charity evenings. Each experience enriches me, so I believe that I will have something valuable and interesting to offer for your event. More about my competencies >


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Įmonių renginių vedėjas pasirūpins Jūsų vakarėliais, sąskrydžiais ar socializacijos vakarais.
Vestuvių vedėjas - linksmos ir modernios vestuvės.

Christmas parties, receptions, socialization evenings, gatherings, company birthdays - I will present ideas, help organize, lead, and turn any corporate event into an unforgettable one.

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Modern, stylish, and joyful weddings - my promise to you. Relax and feel confident. I will listen to your expectations, present my ideas, and make your celebration unforgettable.

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Asmeninių švenčių vedėjas - gimtadieniai, jubiliejai ar išleistuvės.
Sporto renginių vedėjas - sporto dienų organizavimas, apdovanojimai ir kitos paslaugos.

Birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, graduation parties, centennial celebrations - I will create an evening plan, organize exciting games, and any personal celebration led by me will pass for you like a single moment.

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Bicycle marathons, basketball tournaments, organizing and hosting sports days at festivals and city celebrations, competitions in other sports disciplines. I will precisely and cheerfully lead every sports event and award ceremony.

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Viešų ir oficialių renginių vedėjas - atidarymo renginiai, oficialūs pristatymai ar atidarymai.
Online renginių vedėjas pasirūpins internete vykstančių renginių sklandžiu organizavimu ir vedimu.

Store openings, club launches, product presentations, business conferences, city celebrations, events organized by shopping centers - I will wholeheartedly strive to ensure that both the event organizers and the people who attend it will not forget the event.

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From team trivia battles to full evening concepts. I will tastefully and beautifully embody event ideas and themes online.

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Protų kovų vedėjas - teminiai, oficialūs, intelektualūs protų kovų žaidimai
Kitos renginių organizavimo paslaugos - atlikėjai, rekvizitų nuoma.

I organize and host trivia battles, karaoke nights, and all kinds of party-type events.

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DJ services, magic performances, Lindy Hop troupe, live music - I am familiar with and can recommend numerous event professionals who will make your celebration even more impressive.

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Unique Team Formation Workshops

Client testimonials and recommendations

Natalijos Kurganovės atsiliepimas apie renginių vedėją Andrių Piesliką

Andrius is a very helpful and friendly event host. He is responsible and honest. He always has creative ideas that he executes properly. He feels comfortable on stage, delivers excellent performances, and knows how to engage the audience.

Natalija Kurganovė, UAB  "Biržų duona" CMO

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Moments from corporate and personal celebrations

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