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Sports Event Host

My experience as an event host and knowledge of various sports make a great combination for companies or sports organizations planning events.


Sports events have been part of my life since childhood. I was a student at S. Marčiulionis and SKM basketball schools, and later, I continued my basketball career in an amateur league. Currently, I actively play beach volleyball, occasionally winning medals in amateur tournaments.

Sporto renginių vedėjas

I can offer my services as both a sports commentator and an active host for sports events.

Over the past five years, I have hosted more than 20 different sports events, such as sports center openings, beach volleyball camps (after active sports training), sports award ceremonies, basketball commentary, organizing sports days, tournaments, or cycling marathons.

During each sports event, my goal is not only to contribute to a great atmosphere for the audience but also to create a celebration for all participants, sponsors, and spectators.

If you are currently organizing a sports event for your club, camp, sports center opening, or sports awards ceremony, please get in touch. Together, I believe we can create an unforgettable sports celebration!

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