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Weddings are one of the most beautiful and memorable celebrations in life! A wedding host is dedicated to ensuring that you can enjoy your celebration, feel like royalty, and forget about all the planning concerns leading up to the event. I am here at the wedding to contribute to the celebration you are creating by providing guidance, support, and assurance that the evening I host will fulfill your dream of a perfect celebration.

The weddings I host are modern, contemporary, and personalized to you, your guests, and your story.

Vestuvių vedėjas Andrius Pieslikas su jaunaisiais

I prepare for each wedding with great responsibility, which is why every engaged couple not only shares their love story with me before the wedding but also fills out a questionnaire together. We work on creating a music playlist tailored to the taste of the couple and their guests, coordinate props, and arrange a program that meets the highest standards. Each wedding is unique, just like your personality!

I host weddings together with a DJ, whom we take care of to ensure a smooth celebration where every activity is accompanied by music. Together with the team, we often take care of the lighting solutions at the event venue, which further enhances the festive atmosphere.

I am ready to help you on your wedding preparation journey, provide advice, help you choose other partners or activities. I can not only host a cozy or wildly fun wedding evening but also conduct symbolic wedding ceremonies. My goal is to fulfill your dream wedding by listening to your vision and contributing to it with my experience.

Since 2020, I have been hosting weddings not only in Lithuania but also on the hot and charming island of Mallorca, Spain. I host weddings in both Lithuanian and English.

Are you planning a wedding? Get in touch, and together we will create an unforgettable celebration for you and your guests.

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