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LEGO Serious Play Method for Team Building

I would like to introduce you to a unique tool for creativity and innovation in the business field - LEGO Serious Play. This methodology, which I have been successfully using since 2016 as a certified facilitator, is designed to promote creativity, collaboration, and decision-making in a business context.

What is LEGO Serious Play? It is a structured and interactive methodology that allows for the generation of new ideas, solving complex challenges, and achieving strategic goals. This method uses LEGO bricks as a means of communication and expression, enabling participants to visually represent their thoughts and ideas.

Lego Serious Play sertifikuotas fasilitatorius

I firmly believe that creative thinking is an essential part of successful business development. By collaborating with me, your team can immerse themselves in an active and interactive process that encourages participant engagement and the exchange of opinions.

What are the benefits of LEGO Serious Play? This method provides the opportunity to:

  • Unlock creativity: By using LEGO bricks as a visual tool, participants can vividly express their thoughts, ideas, and worldview.

  • Promote collaboration: Participants have the opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and build LEGO constructions together, fostering teamwork and idea exchange.

  • Enhance decision-making: The structure of LEGO Serious Play methodology helps to structure and highlight key questions, leading to effective decision-making and finding the best strategies in a business or project context.

  • Engage all participants: This method encourages active engagement and the expression of every participant's opinions, ensuring that everyone is heard and valued.

LEGO Serious Play can help companies empower employees to participate in decision-making and feel like part of the solution. Here are a few suggestions on how this method can be beneficial:

  • Team collaboration: LEGO Serious Play promotes interaction, collaboration, and trust among team members. This helps create strong and efficient teams that can effectively tackle tasks and overcome challenges.

  • Strategic planning: LEGO Serious Play can be used in the strategic planning process. Participants can construct the company's vision, goals, strategies, and action plans. This helps highlight essential aspects and understand how various factors can impact the company's operations.

  • Innovation and new ideas: LEGO Serious Play stimulates creativity and innovation. Participants can use LEGO bricks as a visual tool to generate new ideas, solutions, or products. This encourages innovation and finding unique ways to stand out in the market.

  • Problem-solving: The LEGO Serious Play methodology can be applied to complex problem analysis and solving. Participants can create models that reveal the root causes of a problem and explore innovative solutions. This encourages critical thinking and highlights different perspectives.

  • Shared vision creation: LEGO Serious Play can be used to create a shared vision or mission. Participants can collaborate and build models that reflect shared goals and values. This helps unite the team and ensure everyone's involvement in the common purpose.

  • Change management: LEGO Serious Play can be beneficial in experiencing or planning organizational changes. Participants can use LEGO bricks to express their thoughts, emotions, and expectations regarding the changes. This helps better understand the impact of changes on teams or individuals and achieve greater participant consensus.


These suggestions are just a few examples of how LEGO Serious Play can help companies. This method is flexible and can be tailored to specific business needs and objectives.

I believe that the LEGO Serious Play method can help your team reach new heights and overcome challenges in the business field. I am ready to adapt to your specific needs and create an environment that yields the best results.

If you are looking for a tool to promote creativity and strategic decision-making, reach out to me, a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator. I am enthusiastic and eager to help you unleash a stream of ideas and achieve the best outcomes.

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